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Ingenico Electronic Signature Pad

Ingenico provides retail merchants with reliable, secure electronic transaction terminals designed to speed customer check-out while reducing the merchant's overall cost of business. Ingenico has solutions for the small independent merchant right through to the large, multi-national, multi-lane merchant requiring customized software and hardware installations. Ingenico products and services are used by banking, retail, petroleum, transportation, healthcare industries and governments to ensure the secure acceptance and flow of electronic commerce. Today, more daily transactions in the USA originate on Ingenico terminals than any other brand.
Ingenico iSMP Companion

Ingenico iSMP Companion

iSMP Companion connects via Bluetooth to any iOS, Android or Windows-based tablet or smartphone. By offering the most advanced payment capabilities, it turns a tablet or smartphone into a Smart Mobile POS. As a complement to the integrated versions...

Ingenico iSMP Payment Terminal

Ingenico iSMP

Thanks to its flexible casing concept, iSMP compatibility will evolve over time with others smartphones. iSMP has been officially MFI certified, meaning 100% compliant with Apple performance and development standards. Secure and versatile, iSMP...

Ingenico iSC480 Payment Terminal

Ingenico iSC480

Designed for high traffic and transaction volume retail environment, the iSC Touch 480 glass display is highly resistant to impacts and scratching, with a lifespan of 1,000,000 signatures. The device is fully equipped to handle all forms of...

Ingenico iWL258 Payment Terminal

Ingenico iWL258

The iWL 258 is designed for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity even in the most demanding environments. The iWL 258 meets the highest security requirements and are PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED & Open protocol modules. Equipped with Wi-Fi...


Ingenico Accessories

Ingenico Service Contract

$92.70 to $359.60

Ingenico Cables

USB, Parallel, RS-232, IBM, Ethernet interface cables as well as power cables

Ingenico Desk 3500

Ingenico Desk 3500

Make NFC payments a seamless consumer experience with the Ingenico Desk/3500. It complies with the most stringent security requirements and it leverages the Telium application portfolio and complies with future security standards. The Desk/3500...

$200.70 to $272.90

Ingenico Desk 5000

Ingenico Desk 5000

The Ingenico Desk 5000 payment terminal can create experiences combining payment with rich HTML business apps with an intuitive touchscreen interface. It can support all forms of electronic payments including EMV chip & pin, chip & sign, magstripe,...


Ingenico iSMP 4

Ingenico iSMP 4

The Ingenico iSMP4 payment terminal is an enterprise mobile point of sale (mPOS) featuring a 2.8" backlit color display and the longest battery life in its class. The iSMP4 accepts all payment methods including EMV chip and PIN, magstripe, and...

$760.80 to $809.50

Ingenico Lane 8000

Ingenico Lane 8000

Engage your customers with the Ingenico Lane 8000 payment terminal. Featuring an extra large multimedia touchscreen and user friendly interface to improve checkout experience with quick and easy payment options. Increase payment security with a PCI...

$631.20 to $882.80

Ingenico Move 5000

Ingenico Move 5000

Create new consumer experiences with the Ingenico Move 5000 payment terminal by combining payment and mobility. The Move 5000 supports all forms of electronic payments including EMV chip and PIN, chi and Sign, magstripe, signature capture, and...

Ingenico RP457c

Ingenico RP457c

The Ingenico RP457c Series mobile payment terminal accepts EMV, magstripe, and NFC/ contactless transactions like Apple Pay, in a single device. With three connectivity options including audio jack, Bluetooth, and USB, enabling versatile use cases.


Ingenico Link 2500

Ingenico Link 2500

The Ingenico Link 2500 payment terminal is specifically engineered for flexibility to accept all payment methods including NFC/ Contactless, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Along with contactless cards and electronic wallet it also accepts Chip & Pin and...

$287.30 to $383.90

Ingenico Lane 5000

Ingenico Lane 5000

The Lane/5000 makes NFC acceptance easy. Its dedicated and visible reader zone is enhanced with smooth backlit glass. This ergonomic reader offers consumers an intuitive experience and improves retailer efficiency. Featuring rich multimedia...

$358.20 to $448.00

Ingenico Lane 7000

Ingenico Lane 7000

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/7000 creates new points of consumer engagement that improves brand loyalty and drives additional sales. Ingenico's first and only PCI PTS 5.x certified solution, the Lane/7000 is natively designed to meet...

$545.30 to $990.00

Ingenico Lane/3000

Ingenico Lane/3000

Focused on the processing of EMV payments for multi-lane check out use cases, Ingenico's Lane 3000 model's easy to use design is a fantastic choice for all kinds of POS needs. Easily integrated into any environment, the Lane 300 has an industry...

Ingenico Link/2500

Ingenico Link/2500

Lightweight and pocket-sized, the Link/2500 series was designed with mobile businesses in mind, without compromising on connectivity, in order to offer flexibility to mobile merchants while reducing communication costs and maximizing network...

Ingenico Parts

Products and parts from Ingenico.

$11.70 to $1,561.80

Ingenico iSC250 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iPP320 - Discontinued.

Ingenico i3010 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ingenico iPP320

Ingenico i6550 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ingenico iSC250

Ingenico i6780 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ingenico iSC350

Ingenico i6580 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ingenico iSC350

Ingenico iWL250 - Discontinued.

Ingenico i6780 TITAN - Discontinued.

Ingenico iSC350 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iSC220 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Ingenico iSC250

Ingenico iPP350 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iPP220 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iPP250 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iCT220 - Discontinued.

Ingenico eN-Touch 1000 - Discontinued.

Ingenico eN-Crypt 2100 - Discontinued.

Ingenico Portable Terminals - Discontinued.

Ingenico Card Reader Series - Discontinued.

Ingenico Connectivity Solutions - Discontinued.

Ingenico iWL222 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iWL252 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iPP310 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iWL255 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iCT250 - Discontinued.

Ingenico iWL Series - Discontinued.

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